The story of an officer involved shooting, theĀ politics involved
and his survival of the PTSDĀ 
that resulted from it all.

10-88! OFFICER DOWN is an inspirational story about author Dustin Reichert working hard to obtain his dream job as be a police officer. After a violent gun battle in May 2003 Dustin would find his life and career in complete turmoil as he was trying navigate the investigative process, the internal reviews, politics and a misunderstanding of the PTSD that resulted from it all.

Most importantly, this is a story about how Dustin searched inside himself to find a pathway to healing using the power of the positive mind and forgiveness.

Recently Sam & I were honored with Sheriff Scott Rose of Dodge County, the producer of the Officer Down Memorial Podcast, sitting down with us to be the first ever episode of his "survivor series" of the Officer Down Memorial Podcast. He did a phenomenal job and the quality is amazing. The book is much more detailed and a much fuller angle, but this FREE podcast gives a special feel hearing it from the mouths. It is so worth the listen! And while you are at it, check out the rest of his amazing podcast episodes! You can find out more at www.OfficerDownMemorialPodcast.com.

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